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Render Cleaning

Is the render on your home stained? Are you looking for an experienced Render cleaning company? Are you considering painting over the render to cover the stains?


Rendered walls gather dirt and start to discolour. K-Rend & Monocouche render are very popular in the UK and need to be cleaned with the correct chemicals. You must ensure that your render is soft-washed as high pressure can permanently damage the rendered surfaces.


Most homeowners believe that painting render is the easiest way to hide the staining, however this is incorrect. Cleaning renders instead of painting it is more cost-effective and will restore the rendered surface new, removing any staining and ingrained dirt. Whether it’s a single wall or an entire building, we have the equipment and expertise to restore your render to its former glory.


Our reputation as the go-to company for render cleaning in Hertfordshire is second to none. If you are looking for an experienced render cleaning provider, Herts Power Washing has you covered. 


Get in touch with us today for advice or a free no-obligation quotation.

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