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Decking Cleaning

Has your Decking become green and slippery? Is your Decking dirty and stained? Is the old decking paint or stain peeling off?

Wood decking looks great when it's installed, but over time it will gather dirt and algae. We clean both composite and wooden decking and restore them to their former glory by using low pressure and soft washing.

We will apply a fungicidal wash to wooden decking to eliminate all algae and organic growth that has impregnated the surface. It's essential not to use too much pressure when cleaning decking as it can spit the wood and damage it.

Herts Power Washing efficiently clean both residential & commercial decking. We also off decking painting and decking oiling service to help protect your wooden decking for longer


Get in touch with us today for advice or a free no-obligation  decking cleaning quote.

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