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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Are birds nesting under your solar panels? Are your gutters clogged with their droppings?


Solar panels create a warm, safe harbourage for birds, mostly feral pigeons. Once pigeons have identified this, they are likely to nest under the panels and make this their new home. Solar panel bird proofing restricts access to the void and will eradicate birds nesting there again in the future.


Not only can nesting birds make quite a racket, but they also clog gutters and drains and vents with their nesting materials. We don't just install effective bird proofing solutions, we also clean out any nesting material, clear the gutters and clean the solar panels of any droppings.


We ensure the following before carrying out any work:-

  • Ensure the Nest is Inactive

  • Check for Eggs


Our team are British Pest Control Association qualified and have many years of experience installing bird proofing solutions. Get in touch with us today for a bird proofing quote.

Insured & Licensed

BPCA Qualified

All Work Guaranteed

Bird Proofing Solution

Dropping Removal

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